Oral Hygienist- Kady Naidoo

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Dentist- Dr Thirusha Pillay 


Lizanne Mackenzie

Lizanne Mackenzie has been in private practice for 16 years. She is a keen triathlete and therefore understands the need for correct sports and orthopedic rehabilitation.

Her specialities are the treatment of back and neck pain, fascial manipulation, treatment of jaw pain, dry needling, strapping, sinus and lung treatments, strapping. Lizanne does charge a medical aid rate and will submit for certain medical aids

Kady Naidoo is the oral hygienist at the practice. She does the scale and polishes for both adults and children. Kady's happy personality is a winner with all the kids. She is also responsible for the teeth whitening which is done at the practice. Kady is able to detect if you require further treatment and refer you to the dentist 

Our founder, Dr. Thirusha Pillay, has more than 14 years of healthcare experience.  


She has been in private practise since 2004. Dr Pillay originally began in Fontainebleau Village in 2007 but decided in 2015 to buy the house in Malanshof to fulfil her dreams of creating a health centre. She obtained her degree at Stellenbosch university and has further diplomas in childrens dentistry and implantology. Dr Pillay treats both adults and children. She does do concious sedation in her rooms but also takes children to theatre if there is extensive work